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How about Xian Qingyun, Zhu Xianmo Qingyun, or Xian Qingyun? , Xianqingyun pk

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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about how about Xianqingyun, so the editor has compiled a related answer about how Xianqingyun is, Let's take a look. Is Zhu Xianmo Qingyun better or Xian Qingyun? Is Zhu Xianmo Qingyun better or Xian Qingyun? It depends on the route you want to choose. Mo Qingyun tends to be single P. True Essence Brilliant Flash 1+2 can deal very abnormal damage. QF Acacia with slightly worse equipment can't resist this 2 combo, and there is Tianwai 2+ The combo of Pomo 2, the former lowers the upper limit of mana to 2000 points, and the latter causes damage according to the difference in mana. With Qingyun's own high mana, it is easy to kill in seconds. The disadvantage is that the CD is relatively long, and Huashan 2 is 180 seconds. Pomo 2 seems to be the same, and it still hasn't solved the problem of the opponent's eating big red and his own survivability. Only with this skill can Qingyun really have the capital of group battles, instead of being stripped away by Hehuan a few times like other Qingyun, he can use the skills casually in the crowd with Xiaoyao 2, such as the 6-second release Heaven and Earth 2, if you don’t open Xiaoyao 2, 6 seconds is enough time for Acacia to remove your state and kill you in seconds, but it’s different if you open Xiaoyao 2, so it can be said that Xiaoyao 2 is the soul skill of Xian Qingyun, with an acceleration of 4.2, and with Yukong once every 5 seconds, can achieve the speed not inferior to Hehuan Guidao. Besides, the cooldown of 2 and 60 seconds is not too long, but there is a 50% probability of fasting for 20 seconds, because it is 2 attacks, fasting The probability is 75%. As long as the fasting is successful, no one can be undead if you use skills such as self-violence Tai Chi sword. The 6-second release time is the only flaw, but it is also made up for by Xiaoyao 2, so as long as this skill can hit , which means the human head and Qi Refining 2, the magical ability to strengthen self-violence, 30% increased damage, needless to say, even Qingyun understands the importance of self-violence, and Qingyun's killing comes from this, just me It is more biased towards Xian Qingyun, the host can figure it out by himself / So far, the above is the introduction of the editor’s question about how about Xianqingyun. I hope that the one-point answer about how about Xianqingyun will be useful to everyone.

How about Xian Qingyun, Zhu Xianmo Qingyun, or Xian Qingyun? , Xianqingyun pk

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